Born in Somerset, Kentucky, I grew up as the youngest of five children. When I was 2 we moved to Portland, Oregon where I attended elementary and middle school. For high school I moved from Portland, Oregon to Frankfurt, Germany and this gave me some great insights into a diverse set of cultural and ethnical backgrounds. In high school I often struggled with my studies until I discovered Photography. I built my own dark room at the school and saved up to buy my first SLR. I learned to develop film and print my own photographs, often reveling at sharing these pictures with my classmates. Living overseas gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore the countryside, oftentimes with my camera in hand. I even had some pictures printed in the Stars and Stripes.

Upon graduating from high school I traveled extensively and eventually ended back in Portland, Oregon I enrolled at Portland Community College to study Photography but decided to branch out on my own and learn in "real world" scenarios. Eventually I ended up in Seattle, Washington where I ran a Portrait Studio. I felt that the art school was teaching me traditional methods, which I feel are important, but I wanted to live outside that box. If I were to do it again, I might have remained in school, but I don't feel that I would be the Photographer that I am today without the lessons I learned on my own.

I also have a background in computers and this has translated well into the Digital Photography world, allowing me to incorporate my skill with computers with my skill behind the lens, creating some unique Photographic Imagery.

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